Our Mission: Compassionate people providing Comprehensive Care

Identification of breast cancer in the earliest stages is imperative. The Breast Health and Wellness Center is dedicated to the enhanced screening and early detection of breast disease. We offer you the most advanced imaging technology. We offer you the most advanced surgical technologies including minimally invasive biopsy, sentinel lymph node mapping, skin sparing mastectomy, nipple sparing mastectomy, precision lumpectomy, oncoplastic surgery and the use of Partial Breast Irradiation. Breast Cancer Surgery is performed with the use of intraoperative ultrasound which allows for more accurate removal of the cancer and less chance of requiring a second surgery.

If you do require a path to healing, we are committed to helping you find the most direct path. We will assist you through the system, decreasing time between diagnosis and treatment. Such coordination of care allows a more direct path to healing and decreases unnecessary anxiety. Our dedicated Breast Surgeon will be at your side from the initial question of an abnormality through the diagnosis as well as through definitive treatment. Our commitment to your healing and health is lifelong.

Do not be afraid. Do not delay. Your health is important to us and we will be at your side every step of the way.