Intraoperative Ultrasound

Intraoperative ultrasound guidance (IOUSG) was developed in 1988. It is an ultrasound probe that is used to localize the breast tumor in the operating theatre. IOUSG improves the surgical accuracy of breast cancer excision. IOUS enables the surgeon to optimally position the incision on the breast and to operate under direct vision. This technique facilitates the surgeon to achieve optimum resection volumes, reducing the unnecessary resection of healthy breast tissue and contributing to improved cosmetic results and quality of life. Ultrasound-guided surgery can significantly reduce the need for a second surgery. This technique is non-invasive, simple, safe and comfortable for patients. The use of intraoperative ultrasound is also cost efficient.

Dr. App has been utilizing intraoperative ultrasound since 2007, and has performed thousands of ultrasound directed surgeries.