Oncoplastic Surgery

In the past decade, oncoplastic breast surgery has gained widespread acceptance within the United States. Oncoplastic breast surgery is a term used to describe techniques that combine the principles of surgical oncology with those of plastic surgery in order to control cancer while producing a desirable cosmetic result. There are many advantages to this advanced technique including the ability to remove a larger area of breast tissue around the tumor as well as the ability to immediately reshape the breast, resulting in a superior cosmetic outcome to lumpectomy alone.

Dr. App is proud to offer this option to patients and the technique often involves her Plastic Surgeon Colleagues. Dr. App believes in this technique because it allows more effective cancer removal, allows for a wider safety margin, and lowers the risk of recurrence. This technique also preserves the shape and appearance of the affected breast.

In appropriately selected patients, the overall goal of oncoplastic surgery is to remove the cancer with a large margin of normal tissue and leave the patient’s breast with a more cosmetically pleasing result than prior to the cancer removal. In general, patients are thrilled with the results.