New Patient Information

Welcome to our practice! It is our privilege to assist in your care.

All available information regarding your health history will be reviewed by Dr. App through the electronic health record prior to your visit.

It is our goal to decrease the amount of forms you are asked to complete. We prefer to assist you face-to-face to gather this information.

You will benefit the most from your appointment if you could come prepared with the knowledge of any cancers in your family. We are interested in:

  1. Any type of cancer
  2. Approximate age of each person when they were diagnosed with the cancer
  3. We prefer three generations of information from both mother’s side and father’s side of the family, if at all possible. Of course, we will appreciate any amount of information you can provide.

In addition, we highly recommend that our patients sign up for MyHealth, as this is the vehicle in which you can most efficiently receive your test results and communicate with our staff. At your first visit, we will be happy to assist you in signing up for a MyHealth account. In order to do this, you will need to design a unique password for your MyHealth account. The password must meet the following criteria:

At least 7 characters in length

No spaces

Must include 1 upper case letter

Must include 1 lower case letter

Must include 1 number

You may also include special symbols: @ # & $

The password may not include your email

An example of a password: Bhwcsummer2016 or Bhwc@kenmoor2016